The Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr Simpson Pogeava says there will be consequences for those that continue to breach current orders set by the government.

The Assistant Commissioner gave the warning during the COVID-19 oversight committee weekly talkback show over the weekend on the national broadcaster, SIBC.

He made particular reference to betelnut vendors and roadside market vendors, stating that police will step up its visibility and will be enforcing orders set by the government.

“A lot of our officers have been sick with COVID-19, a good number have recovered so we will now be able to enforce some of the orders relating to betelnut and roadside vendors.

“I am appealing to vendors to please respect orders made by the government and stop selling betelnut or set up roadside markets. If we catch you than that would be an issue, so I am asking you, and the general public, to comply with these orders to minimize the spread of the virus,” Mr Pogeava said.

The selling of betelnuts and roadside markets along the streets of Honiara had been banned. Selling of betelnut outside private homes are also banned.

The order was gazetted recently, with the Attorney General, John Muria Jr, reminding the public recently that any Order done under the state of public emergency is a legal instrument.

“Therefore, it is an offence if anyone breaches an Order. You are simply breaking the law and you will be arrested and charged."

The ban is to ensure people are not congregating in one location, which, if not managed, will spread the virus further.