The people of Central Province have been strongly urged to follow sea safety messages that have been repeated over and over again following the successful rescue of a boat which developed a mechanical problem while travelling from Honiara to Vutura Village on Small Gela on Monday.

The boat, powered by a 40 horse OBM engine, had four adult passengers and a child on board.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Central Province Inspector Hugo Maelasi says, “The OBM left Honiara in the afternoon to travel back to Vuturua, but while half way between Gela and Honiara the engine developed a mechanical problem and stopped functioning resulting in the boat drifting.”

“After receiving a report about the drifting boat the Police OBM at Tulagi was deployed to rescue the boat and its passengers to safety at about 7 pm last night. All the passengers were safe and well,” says PPC Maelasi

“I would like to remind travellers from Central Province to try and think about your safety before travelling at sea. There are safety tips and advice that are always issued by the police and other responsible government offices. This includes ensuring that your OBM is serviced and is in good working condition before using it.”

“Take heed of this advice. They are there because that your safety is paramount. As a boat operator you are legally responsible for ensuring your OBM is in good working order and that you have the right safety equipment for passengers and yourself before going out to sea,” PPC Maelasi emphasises.

He adds: “Take responsibility for your action and consider your safety first when traveling between our islands.”

Source: RSIPF Media