Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) will mount checkpoints in certain locations in Honiara to check public buses and taxis to ensure they are following health protocols when providing services to the public.

Commissioner of RSIPF Mr Mostyn Mangau says, “Police officers will check to ensure requirements orders are complied with, such as wearing facemasks in the public transport, not more than four people are in a taxi and two people per row in public buses.”

Commissioner Mangau says, “Police will monitor bus conductors of the public buses who must be seated while the bus is moving and advices the bus conductors, bus and taxi drivers to ensure twelve years old or above on the bus or taxi must wear a facemask and carry with them their vaccinated cards.”

Mr Mangau says, “Police encourage bus drivers and conductors to tell the passengers before entering the bus or a taxi they must show their vaccination card and an Identification (ID) card. I would like to encourage pedestrians to wear facemasks as long as you are out of your house.”

He says, “We must work together to fight and stop the community transmission of coronavirus in our communities. This fight is not for the police alone as the supporting law enforcement agencies who support the Ministry of Health and Medical Services. We all have some responsibilities to share during these trying times.”

Source: RSIPF Media