Police will maintain a highly visible presence on the city streets following a pledge by senior police to crack down on drunkenness and associated crime.

At a press conference last Thursday, Police Commissioner Khan said police were concerned about the increase in alcohol-related crime in and around Honiara.

Police will be vigilant for anti-social behaviour brought about through excessive consumption of alcohol.

Traffic officers will also be watching for any instances of people drinking and driving or those who are driving under the influence of alcohol while at the same time, the Liquor Licencing Squad will be conducting operations into the illegal sale of alcohol.

Deputy Commissioner Operations, Peter Marshall, said the increase in police numbers and a more robust approach to this crime type was a necessary step in reducing the current crime rate.

"The increase in police on the road is part of a pre-planned operation to curb the increasing crime rate associated with alcohol. The police will be out and about during the evening and night to make active and sustained patrols of the city and surrounding areas."

"The rate of anti-social behaviour is on the climb and we are determined to ensure that the police are doing all they can to stop the increase. I urge members of the public to show their responsibility to the community and avoid excessive alcohol consumption," Deputy Commissioner Marshall said.

Police said they will be checking vehicles at traffic stops for roadworthiness and will also check that the driver is licenced and capable of driving the vehicle.

Other police patrols will be visiting known alcohol outlets such as clubs and hotels to ensure they are complying with licencing regulations.