The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has further strengthened its link with the church through the ordination of two of its officers Inspector James Maelanga and Senior Sergeant John (Luke) Manau as priests in the Church of Melanesia in Honiara on 23 June 2019.

Speaking during a church service at the Anglican Church of Melanesia, St. Alban Parish in West Honiara, newly ordained priest, Inspector James Maelanga says, “I am humbled and give thanks and praise to the Almighty God for the gift of faith and for the gift of ordination.”

“The gift which my colleague Senior Sergeant and Priest Manau received this morning is not for ourselves, but for serving the people of God of this beloved Solomon Islands to help spread the message of peace in the church of God. The church is the people that officers of the RSIPF serve,” says Inspector and Priest Maelanga.

He explains: “Being a priest and police officer makes no difference, as both the church and police work for peace. Yet my ordination as a priest will further strengthen the bonds between the Church of Melanesia and the RSIPF. It will certainly broaden my interaction with the church congregation to be law abiding citizens when they serve God.”

“I would also like to thank Commissioner of the RSIPF, Matthew Varley for approving my application for my colleague and me to use the RSIPF ceremonial uniform for our ordination today,” says Inspector and Priest Maelanga.

Senior Sergeant and Priest Manau says, “I have served the RSIPF for 36 years with most of those years spent in the Police Band. I feel I have not done much to spread the message of peace, but of course playing music is another indirect way of harmonising for peace. Yet my ordination as a priest will no doubt give me the opportunity to preach peace to the people of God. The church congregation are God fearing people who also abide by the law of the land.”

“Thank you God for the calling to be a priest and police officer for peace,” says Senior Sergeant and Priest Manau.

Inspector and Priest Maelanga, who is 54 years old, is currently the Director of the Police Band. He has served the RSIPF for 37 years. Senior Sergeant and Priest Manau is 52 years old. Both officers are from Malaita Province and are still serving officers of the RSIPF Police Band.

The RSIPF Police Band also attended the ordination ceremony to witness their two seniors ordained as priests.

Source: RSIPF Media