Police officers at the White River Police Post in West Honiara are searching for a 14-year-old girl Miss Fabrina Roto who has been missing since she was last seen between 9pm - 10pm on 16 July 2019 inside the Scorpion Pub at Kukum in East Honiara.

“We are concerned for the missing girl's safety and my officers are trying their best to go from place to place following information provided to us, as they continue to search for her,” says Officer Commanding White River Police Post, Inspector Hansel Saeni.

Miss Roto is from Tikopia Island in Temotu Province. She is about 5 feet tall with fair skin, and has curly Polynesian hair. She was last seen wearing a pair of black shoes and a black t – shirt. A photo of Fabrina is provided.

The 14-year-old is believed to have left her parents’ house at Tasahe B, inland White River, around 8pm on 16 July with another girl on foot without her parents knowing. Miss Roto and the girl with another two girls boarded a public bus in the Tandai area in West Honiara and believed to have dropped off in the Kukum area and went to the Scorpion Pub.

According to information obtained by police the 14-year-old left her friends and boarded a RAV4 vehicle outside the Scorpion pub and has not been seen since then.

Members of the public are kindly asked to contact the police if they have seen the missing girl anywhere or know of her whereabouts.

The mother of missing Miss Roto says, “Come home my daughter, your father and I are still searching for you because we miss you my love.”

You can contact the National Police Communication Centre on phone 23666 or the free toll line 999 or the White River Police Post on phone number: 21363.

Source: RSIPF Media