After months of accusations, counter accusation and, most recently, court cases the Solomon Islands Police Force have stepped in to sort out the 'Government vehicle saga.'

On Saturday, the Solomon Islands Police Force conducted an operation to retrieve Government vehicles from former Ministers of the ousted Sogavare led government. At least seven Government vehicles were still in the possession of former political appointees and Ministers.

Director of the Police Traffic Centre, Superintendent Albert Samani said the operation was a success. "We conducted an operation on Saturday and retrieved four of the seven vehicles," said Superintendent Samani. "We will continue to assist the Department of Infrastructure and Development retrieve the remaining vehicles."

"The operation will continue and I would urge the other people that still have vehicles to bring them to the Traffic Centre at Kukum," he said.

Superintendent Samani said that the rest of the vehicles will be retrieved and people that are aggrieved by this process should pursue the matter as a civil action.