The Guadalcanal Province Police Commander, Chief Superintendent David Diosi has praised his police officers including the Police Rapid Response team, the Participating Police Force and locals at the Weather coast region for the support and cooperation, which resulted in the recapturing of Fugitive Gedley Isa.

The Police Media Unit quotes Mr Diosi as saying “the task to recapture the two murderers was dangerous but it must be done to restore peace and security for the weather coast people and Solomon Islands in general.”

He said, while Police have partly achieved their goal, it will also help investigators if the public can supply strong evidence particular on the Mbabanakira Police post burning.

Mr Diosi congratulates all RSIPF officers and PPF advisors involved for their brave effort and fulfilling a duty worthy of their Oath.

He assures the weathercoast people that police will still maintain its presence and visibility around their communities.