Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at the National Crime Prevention Department (NCPD) visited and conducted awareness talk at Burns creek Adventist High School and primary school and Tuvaruhu School in Honiara on 21 August 2020.

The visit is part of the continue engagement by the NCPD team to the communities and schools in and around Honiara City to rebuilt the trust and relationship with the community and working in partnership with the Police.

Director National Crime Prevention Department (NCPD) Superintendent Solomon Sisimia says, “The purpose of the awareness is to advice and encourage the teachers and students on ways to look after their school and welfare”

Superintendent Sisimia adds: “During the awareness talk Students were advised on issues of the Current state of public emergency, four Drivers of Crimes, Issue of Copen, bloods and Crips movement in Honiara and offences relating to same sex marriage.”

“Students were encourage that in every aspects of life, there will be challenges faced but these challenges is the test to step up in life. Stay focus for the betterment of your future.”

“I would like to thank students and teachers on both schools for your time in listening to the awareness talk conducted by my team.

"The National Crime Prevention Department will continue to work closely with schools and communities in strengthening the Relationship and educating our youths for the betterment of our country Solomon Island,” says Director NCPD Superintendent Sisimia.

Source: RSIPF Media