A Police investigation into allegations of fraud and misuse of public funds is currently underway.

Police sources say the corruption and fraud squad is leading the probe.

Sources say a case file has been opened and officers are now talking to those alleged to have been directly involved.

This came as Government announced last week it has suspended the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into Guadalcanal Land Dealings.

The decision was taken after cabinet met to discuss the issue.

The Government said the suspension will allow a "taskforce to look into the allegations raised by Counsel assisting the inquiry, Ruth Townsend."

Meanwhile, Solomon Star reports Ms Townsend, who brought to light the allege corruption network, has welcomed the steps taken.

She was quoted as also warning certain commission staff against providing false information to the public about her.

Ms Townsend denied claims made in a letter to the editor in the Island Sun newspaper on Tuesday about her salary and other claims.

She said the figures quoted as her salary "were excessive."

Ms Townsend said she is prepared to reveal the salaries of these people so that the public could see how much they are getting from the COI.