The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and the Solomon Island Assistance Force (SIAF) undergo preparation for the scheduled resumption of Parliament for this year 2022.

SIAF recently had additional members from Australia arrive in Honiara to be part of the preparation Team. SIAF members participated in some RSIPF Public Order Management (POM) interoperability trainings.

The POM trainings included members from:

• SIAF members;
• Police Response Team;
• Central Response Unit; and
• Guadalcanal Province Response Unit.

The training included Australian Federal Police (AFP) Specialist Operations (SO) Tactical Response members who are highly trained tactical specialists. AFP SO capabilities also included in the exercises and trainings were Medics and Negotiators.

This Specialist Operations capability has a long history of training and conducting Specialist Operations with the RSIPF Police Response Team in the Solomon Islands.

Following the practical exercises and training conducted on Rove Oval, training participants attended the RSIPF Hells Point facility where training continued including the use of Public Order Management less lethal munitions in various POM scenarios.

More exercises, training and preparation for Operation Parliament are scheduled for the week commencing today 14 March 2022.

These preparations will involve patrolling and traffic operations supported by the RSIPF and SIAF helicopter capability.

Source: RSIPF Media