Director of Police Traffic Centre, Superintendent Albert Samani, is pleading with drivers and pedestrians to take more care on the road after another person was killed on Monday night.

A 17-year-old female died at the National Referral Hospital after she was hit by a taxi at the Kukum Labour Line main road at approximately 6:30pm on Monday night.

This death follows two other recent fatal hit and run accidents and numerous other motor vehicle accidents.

Police have charged a driver with murder following a hit and run accident near the Paradise Night Club recently and have arrested the driver of the taxi that collided with the 17-year-old girl on Monday night.

Superintendent Samani said that police are investigating numerous motor vehicle accidents and believes a change in behaviour from road users is needed.

"I am concerned that drivers and pedestrians are not improving their attitude when driving or walking near our roads in Honiara.

"Pedestrians walking on the road, instead of the side of the road and people not checking that it is safe to cross is what causes many of the accidents. Some people are drunk and just walk onto the road in front of vehicles. This is a very dangerous habit," he said.

The poor attitude of some drivers is also causing accidents

"Many drivers are travelling too fast particularly at night when it is quite difficult to see pedestrians. Buses and taxis must ensure when they stop to collect or drop off passengers that they do so in a place that is safe. Far too often they just stop without pulling off the road.

"In recent weeks, numerous drivers have not stopped after hitting a pedestrian and this is not acceptable. A driver that hits a pedestrian and fails to stop will be actively pursued by police...and the charges will be far more serious."

Superintendent Samani said that if drivers and pedestrians followed some simple rules it would reduce the occurrence of serious injuries and deaths.

Press Release (Police Media)