Highly visible foot patrols across Honiara's central business district were a successful show of force by Royal Solomon Island Police Force on Friday evening.

Police officers patrolled the market area and assisted with traffic control in peak hour when congestion of vehicles and pedestrians is at its worst in the central city area.

Acting Commissioner Peter Marshall said the show of force and regular foot patrols along the retail strip in Central Honiara by several officers was met with goodwill.

"It was good to see the positive interaction between police officers and local people. I think most people appreciate a stronger police presence to curb anti-social behaviour so they can go about their business in peace. We plan to do more regular foot patrols around various areas of the city to reduce drinking and disorderly conduct," he said.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Operations Nela Mosese said police patrols continued to target illegal drinking in public places throughout Friday evening.

"Apart from making arrests, Police officers are warning offenders, seizing any alcohol being consumed in public places, and then emptying the cans in front of everyone to make our point," he said.

"I am confident these extra patrols are helping to keep these problems contained," he said.

"Police issued numerous warnings and made eight arrests, mainly for consuming liquor in public on Friday night, then made more than 25 arrests on Saturday night,"
Acting Assistant Commissioner Mosese said.

"Already police have arrested key suspects for separate assault and wounding incidents overnight. One man was stabbed in a fight outside the Paradise Club early Sunday morning and was taken to hospital for medical treatment," he said.

"Police will continue these operations to counteract drunkenness and related crime."

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