The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF), Immigration and Customs departments have conducted high visibility sea patrols in the Solomon Islands side of the common border with Papuan New Guinea (PNG) on 25 November 2019.

Police Forward Command Post (PFCP) Commander, Kulitanai, Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialu says, “This is a joint border patrol operation with different government ministries patrolling the border with PNG. The joint law enforcement sea patrol started at Harapa as far as Oima and Fauro islands in the Shortland Islands.”

PFCP Commander Lenialu says, “The joint patrol with other government law enforcements is to provide high visibility at sea on Solomon Islands’ side of the common border with PNG as reassurance to our people that we are here to protect them. As a sovereign nation we must protect our borders with its citizens and resources.”

“No illegal activities were discovered during the joint law enforcement patrol at the common border with PNG and we must try and keep it that way.”

“I want to remind my people of the Shortland Islands that our mission is to maintain law and order within Solomon Islands’ side of the common border with Papua New Guinea. Let us show respect for one another. This has been part of our traditional culture.”

“Please inform police if you are aware of any weapons or fire arms being brought in to the Solomon Islands. We want everyone to feel safe. Police will not tolerate anyone who takes the laws of Solomon Islands in to your own hands,” PFCP Commander Lenialu emphasises.

He adds: “Be observant and help protect our Solomon Islands by notifying RSIPF of any information relating to the Bougainville Referendum. If you have any evidence or knowledge of anyone planning to cause any trouble, please report them to RSIPF. Let us move forward peacefully after the Referendum. Work with your police to develop our nation for a better future for everyone.”

Source: RSIPF Media Unit