Several members of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) with investigators from various government agencies participated in a joint Integrity symposium, held at Kitano Mendana Hotel last week.

The aim of the Integrity Symposium, which was supported by RAMSI, was to provide a forum for participants to meet and discuss the way in which the training has influenced their individual and organisational work practices, including interagency relationships.

The selected participants previously attended a Major Investigation and Integrity Workshop. The workshop was aimed at members with responsibility for leading and managing integrity investigations from the various government agencies at their respective work places.

The forum takes it further by providing an opportunity for participants to network together with one another in an attempt to create working relationships that will assist in combating anti-corruption across a range of government agencies.

The symposium participants were identified and selected from various government agencies and government departments such as Forestry, Fisheries, Inland Revenue, Customs, and Office of the Ombudsman, DPP Office, Leadership Code Commission, Public Service Commission and Immigration.

One of the main benefits of the integrity trainings and the subsequent symposium is the significant networking opportunity which will bring about a greater co-operation between agencies in the law enforcement community.

The symposium also comprise a formal session during which the guest speaker, Auditor General Edward Ronia addressed the group.

Addresses were made by the RSIPF Deputy Commissioner Eddie Sikua and PPF Commander Wayne Buchhorn.

Those who were invited as official guests include a supervisor from all the agencies which contributed to students for the trainings, in addition to a small number of higher profile guest, such as members of the RSIPF Executive.

The Integrity Symposium is anticipated to be a re-occurring event, with future Major Investigations and Integrity Workshops participants joining the symposium, in an attempt to increase the anti-corruption network platform within the Solomon Islands.

Source: Press Release, Police Media