Acting Commissioner of Police, Walter Kola, says police will continue operation in Honiara.

Mr. Kola yesterday reinforced the strong stance of the Solomon Islands Police Force in maintaining peace during the current sitting Parliament.

The security operation in Honiara continued throughout last night and will continue today.

Police will maintain a highly visible presence and mobile patrols will increase in and around Honiara.

The Acting Commissioner of Police said he is pleased that members of the public have acted in a peaceful manner thus far, and is urging citizens to maintain this peace in the coming days.

"Police are endeavouring to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone during the current Parliamentary sitting," he stated.

Mr. Kola urged for community support to allow the current political situation to be resolved within the Parliament.

He stated that the police role is to ensure community safety, irrespective of politics.

"Police are conducting a range of inquiries on activities of some who are intent on creating trouble, which will not be accepted and firm action will be taken," the Acting Commissioner of Police warned.

He stressed that any form of anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated by police and members of the public will be arrested if they try and disrupt law and order.

"The police are well equipped and will have a zero tolerance approach to bad behaviour in the coming days," said the Acting Commissioner of Police.