A police officer, Mr. Bolitada Theodore, 46, was arrested at Avu Avu this week for Obstruction of Justice, as according to a section of the penal code.

Acting Commissioner, Mr. Peter Marshall stated in yesterday's Police Press Conference that the SIPF and the PPF are carrying out their duty with fairness and without favor.

Mr. Marshall said that the officer was arrested for assisting the escape of the wife of Mr. Alphonseus Toghovotu, the Weathercoast murder suspect.

He continued on saying that the wife was wanted for an interview by the police following the investigation of the attempted murder of the RAMSI police officer at Weathercoast last week.

Police officers were out looking for the wife, when she was warned by the Police officer from Avu Avu.

Mr. Bolitada Theodore appeared before the Magistrate Courts in Honiara yesterday after been remanded in custody at the Central Police Station.

The court case was adjourned for 28 days and the next hearing will be on the 10th of October, 2008.

In the meantime he was to be kept 50 kilometers away from Avu Avu and report to the White River Police Post every Mondays and Fridays. He was also granted a principle bail of $1,000.

Mr. Bolitada Theodore was a long serving officer for the SIPF and only recently moved to the Avu Avu Police Post in 2003.