Participating Police Force Commander, Denis McDermott, told local media in a press conference that in order for Solomon Island to live peacefully and maintain law and order in the country, the attitude and behaviour of each one need to change.

Mr. McDermott said this following the attack on police officers at Koa Hill on Monday night in which two local officer and five Participating Police Force were injured, which includes one female PPF officer.

He said that Solomon Islands should be proud of their police force and whenever police respond to any incident in their area, the police should be assisted and supported to bring criminals to justice.

Police officers who Monday night responded to calls from Koa Hill for help were attacked by a large number of men causing serious injuries to the officers.

"For a community to ever accept law and order in a democratic society, the community of Solomon Islands have to change their thinking. It has be emphasised that they have a police force that is here to serve, in line with their oath of office, and also to serve the government and the people of Solomon Islands," Mr. McDermott said.

He said that he was appalled by what happened on Monday night.

"To think that here we are this week talking about domestic violence and promoting safe environment for women and children, we find one of our finest treated the way she was on Monday night," Mr. Mc Dermott said.

He added that every member that attended the incident on Monday night were in fear of their life and they acted with courage to protect others and receiving serious injuries to themselves.

Mr. McDermott acknowledged that there have been some elements of the community that have responded positively to the request for assistance.

Source: National Express