The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) commends the good behaviour of the citizens of Honiara and throughout the rest of the country over the past several days and urges people to continue with such behaviour.

“Generally the situation has been calm and peaceful in Honiara and the rest of the country since the decision by the Government to switch diplomatic recognition of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) from the Republic of China (ROC) early this week,” says Assistant Commissioner of Police, National Capital and Crime Prevention, Simpson Pogeava.

ACP Pogeava adds: “But we must continue to be vigilant. High visibility patrols by RSIPF front line officers supported by members of the Central Response Unit (CRU), the Provincial Response Unit (PRU) and the Police Response Team (PRT) will continue throughout the weekend to ensure the citizens of Honiara City and Guadalcanal Province go about their business as usual.”

“Our frontline officers will conduct visits to licensed premises including night clubs and pubs to ensure they adhere to the conditions of their licenses and that youth under 21 years old are not allowed to the enter the premises.”

“RSIPF Traffic officers will also be out on the roads in Honiara to conduct random breathe testing to ensure no drunk drivers are on our roads to ensure that the safety of other road users is maintained. We want to remind drivers not to drink and drive and vehicle owners not to allow unlicensed vehicles and drivers to be on our roads,” ACP Pogeava emphasises.

He says, “At the same time, our officers from the National Crime Prevention Department will continue to conduct community awareness meetings at communities, markets, bus stops, schools and other locations throughout the City and Guadalcanal Province to remind our people to respect law and order and not to be engaged in any sort of disorder or politically motivated unrest.”

“I urge members of the public including chiefs, church leaders, women and youth to work together with your police by passing any information you may have about anyone planning to disturb law and order in Honiara or anywhere in the provinces.”

“Let us work together with your police to protect the peace that our communities and our country as a whole continues to enjoy. Let us not be involved in any activity that will cause fear and disorder or create a risk to our safety and that of our children and the vulnerable groups within our communities. Police will not tolerate anyone who attempts to disturb the peace,” ACP Pogeava emphasises.