Police are still investigating the death of a seven year old boy found inside a refrigerator at the Borderline area during the New Year period.

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall says the Criminal Investigation Department or CID is still looking at interviewing people who might have knowledge of the incident.

Marshall says he is waiting for a report from the Assistant Commissioner of Crime and Intelligence Unit.

The seven year old boy from Malaita Province was discovered dead inside a refrigerator on Monday 4th of January this year.

Meanwhile, Mr Marshall also says investigations are continuing for other unsolved deaths over the new years period.

The deaths include a young female who was found at the Ranadi Industrial site, the seven year old boy at the Borderline area, and the death of a man at the Hammock Beach.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Marshall has said the Police have had a lot of success in recent weeks in the reduction of disorderly behavior in the areas of Borderline, Burnscreek and Naha.

Speaking at a press conference at the Rove Police Academy, Commissioner Marshall said rock throwing has decreased.

He said people in the areas have actually come forward to the Police and given names and information of people responsible for such behaviour - which allowed the police to take firm action against them.

Mr Marshall commended members of the public for coming forward to the police, and said police will continue their patrols around the areas of Burnscreek and Borderline.