The Solomon Islands Police Force is now conducting a weekly Commissioner's parade, every Thursday.

Attending the parade for the first time was the Minister of Police and National Security, Hon. Samuel Manetoali who also made inspection of the Guard of Honor.

During the parade, Acting Commissioner, Mr. Marshall acknowledged the officers for job well done during their duties.

Acting Commissioner Marshall also acknowledged the presence of Hon. Manetoali.

Mr. Samuel Manetoali in reply stated that he was highly impressed with the turnout. "It indicates to me that as police officers, it is important to you what the community thinks of the Solomon Islands Police Force," he adds.

He emphasized that the SIPF is clearly showing the people that the police force are willing to take responsibility for making sure the country is safe and secure.

"It is part of rebuilding the community's confidence and we can all go about living our daily lives without fear. Not only do you uphold law, you also represent the government and the people of the Solomon Islands," Minister Manetoali continues.

But he points out saying that the real challenge that lies ahead for them all, is to take the level of professionalism and pride into all aspects of policing.

"Whether you are responsible for traffic, general duties, criminal investigations, just to name a few, this is the standard you must aim for and it is the standard the community deserves," said Mr. Samuel Mantoali.