The Royal Solomon Islands Police are now taking underage drinking very seriously.

Speaking to local media yesterday, Acting Commissioner Operations, Nela Mosese, said the police wishes to remind the public that the legal age for drinking is 18 years old and over.

He said that police officers over the festive season will be going around nightclubs to track down underage clubbers and drinkers.

"There's an increase on underage drinkers and clubbers in Honiara and this is not very good practice for the future of our children," he added.

He said that the fatal accident last week that claimed the lives of two teenagers is a sad example of how vulnerable young drinkers can be.

Mr. Mosese also called on club owners to input rules on clubbers to produce identification cards at the entry point.

"It is very difficult to deal with underage drinking and the only solution is for everyone to produce ID before entering clubs," he said.

Mr. Mosese said that illegal outlets selling alcohol after hours contribute greatly to the growing number of underage drinkers.

In efforts to curb the problem, the ongoing Operations High Visibility have raided and closed a few black markets around Honiara.