The Royal Solomon Islands Police has not found any evidence on a recent trip to Russell Islands to suggest World War Two bombs were fuming and causing damage to the community.

Sergeant Trevor Nina, the Officer In Charge of the Explosive Ordnance Division E-O-D and RAMSI Participating Police Force advisers travelled to the Russell Islands on Monday after media reporting last week suggested that some munitions were fuming and making bad smells.

Police media office says officers visited Yandina and Hae Island to find out if what was reported in the media was actually occurring in the Russell Islands.

Sergeant Nina said he spoke with members of the Yandina community and leaders from Hae Island, but no one had any knowledge of the dangerous munitions described in the media.

Police then located the man responsible for making the reports to the media and spoke with him at length about his concerns.

During conversation, the individual admitted to police that he had not seen the munitions fuming.

He said he made the report so the RSIP EOD officers would come to Russell Islands and remove left over World War II bombs.

The police media office says the man was strongly warned by police not to make false reports in the future and police explained that they are committed to the very long process of locating and destroying all the munitions that are scattered across Solomon Islands.

Source: Police Media Unit