Members of the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) Executive and RAMSI Participating Police Force Advisors travelled to Kulitanai Bay in the Shortland Islands to assess the progress of the construction of the new police station.

The station will be the new home for the SIPF, Customs, Immigration and Quarantine officials in the Shortland Islands.

The Kultanai Bay site will replace the police post at Korovou because it is more suitable for the important policing and border control functions required in the Shortland Islands due to the close proximity of Bougainville.

Construction began in early 2007 and will cost around $3.5 million dollars to complete.

The funding for the project was supplied by the Solomon Islands Government.

The SIPF consulted with the FAMOA Trust Board and FAMOA Chiefs to reach an agreement to use the land for the new police station and seven police houses that are located nearby.

The new site is more suitable for police maritime vessels that are essential to tackle illegal activities in the Shortland Islands and to provide better policing in the border area.

Assistant Commissioner for Administration, Johnson Siapu, said that the new site is very impressive and will assist the different agencies to work together to stop crime in the area.

"Having a new facility in the Shortland Islands where all the law enforcement agencies can work together is very positive. The construction of the multi-purpose station and police accommodation is progressing very well.

"When this station is finished it will be a magnificent addition to the Solomon Islands Police Force and will serve the people of the Shortland Islands for many years to come," he said.

The construction is due to be finished in July 2008 and it is expected the Prime Minister will open the new facility.