Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have emphasised during an awareness talk to members of the Christian Outreach Centre (C.O.C) congregation in Honiara that the country wants a peaceful and crime free National General Election on 3 April 2019.

Speaking at the awareness program on 3 March 2019, Inspector Clive Talo says, “Policing is not about Police alone dealing with criminal activities in our communities. It is about the Police working together with you, as members of the community.”

Inspector Talo adds: “With the upcoming National General Elections it is good that we are knowledgeable about our responsibilities as registered voters and members of the public. It is also good that you also know the responsibilities of your police, the RSIPF and what they will be doing during the NGE period.”

During the same awareness program, Sergeant John Manegaua says, “Police officers across the country appeal for peace but it’s up to us people in the communities.”

Sergeant Manegaua emphasises: “We all want a peaceful and crime free NGE and the Police cannot do it alone. Therefore we come out to let you know about these things and let us all work together for a peaceful Solomon Islands.”

“I would like to thank the C.O.C Pastor for inviting us to speak to your congregation. Your invitation falls at the right time as we are visiting our communities, schools and churches. We would like to work together with you for a better community and a better Solomon Islands.”

During the awareness programs pamphlets containing responsibilities of RSIPF and the communities for a free, fair and peaceful NGE were handed out to the congregation.

The RSIPF through its National Crime Prevention Department is conducting awareness meetings in communities, schools, churches and market places in an around Honiara as part of the Force’s preparations for the NGE.

The same awareness is being conducted in the provinces throughout the country. 


Source: Royal Solomon Islands Police