Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) under Operation Bougainville Referendum are still maintaining a high security alert at the Solomon Islands common border with Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The Operation is monitoring and protecting traditional border crossing to and from the Shortland Islands in the Western Province and parts of Choiseul Province as well as keeping an eye out for any illegal crossing of the common border with PNG.

Operation Forward Commander at Kulitanai; Inspector Kerry Sireheti says, “People of the Shortlands and Bougainville who intend to cross the common border must obtain a permit before crossing the common border.”

On 14 December 2019 RSIPF, officers assisted other law enforcement agencies to clear 172 people from Bougainville who were crossing to Nila Catholic Station in the Shortland Islands to attend the Divine Mercy National Congress being held at the Station.

About 13 ray boats (OBMs) called in at the Kulitanai Check Point and police cleared them by issuing them permits before they reached Nila Catholic Station to attend the Divine Mercy Program, which is being organised to be held from 16 to 21 December 2019.

The boats were checked also for prohibited goods and crops not to enter the country.

Inspector Sireheti thanked the boat owners and passengers from both Bougainville and Solomon Islands for their compliance and cooperation with the law enforcement agencies during the checks 


Source: Royal Solomon Islands Police Media