Newly appointed Police commissioner for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Peter Marshall, stated, soon after he was sworn in, that he would continue to work hard to improve policing in the Solomon Islands.

Commissioner Marshall said that one of the ways in which it could achieve that is to continue to work on increasing the capacity of those in Operation Response.

"A lot of our officers are training very hard, we have improved on basic equipments and are looking forward to again work closely with the PPF on Operation Response," he said.

Mr Marshall said that Operation Response has helped the police reach out to communities throughout the country. "So far we have reached at least 40 remote communities...we are also working more closely with Provincial officers, despite the vast geographical area in which we are expected to cover."

Mr Marshall said that while the police are doing their best to reach out to various communities, "there is a great need for people in the communities of Solomon Islands to communicate and interact with police officers."

Mr Marshall said that to shore up support for his officers, he is looking at recruiting a further 30 police officers.

Mr Marshall said that the new operation has seen crime rates falling, but he said the police must always be vigilant, "we have a youthful population so we need to be mindful of that."