The Police Commissioner says he is pleased to have met with two Tongan senior officials who arrived after a shooting incident which resulted in the death of a man at Titinge in Honiara.

Peter Marshall says he has had positive meetings with Tonga's Solicitor General and the Deputy Head of the Tongan Defence Force relating to investigation into the Titinge incident.

Mr Marshall says with more knowledge and understanding on the circumstances that led to the shooting the two officials will make recommendations to the Tongan cabinet.

He says police is waiting with interest on the outcome of a decision from the Tongan Cabinet about the immunity of its soldiers who were involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, Tonga's Prime Minister Dr Feleti Sevele says he is not yet prepared to lift the immunity of its soldiers who were involved in the recent shooting death of a Solomon Islands man.

Two Tongan soldiers who were part of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), reportedly fired their weapons while they were retreating from a rock throwing crowd at Titigae village near the capital, Honiara, last week.

One man died of gunshot wounds.

Dr Feleti Sevele said he's not yet prepared to lift the soldiers' immunity while the incident is being investigated.

"The details are that they shot into the air to disperse the crowd but the attacks continue and suddenly this happened. We don't know the full story, we have sent the deputy commander of our defence forces plus our solicitor general to find out more information about it."