Any allegations of corruption within the police will be thoroughly investigated, states Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Jahir Khan.

Speaking at a press conference in Honiara, Mr. Khan stressed that corruption is an issue that has no place in the police or any other department.

This comes amidst allegations surfacing in the media directly leveled at the management and staff of the police force.

"I have been briefed that a Transparency Solomon Islands representative has indicated that he will produce names so that the matter can be investigated," Mr. Khan said.

He said that while appreciating that it is everyone's right to freedom of speech, people need to be careful that they do not impugn characters of others.

"... there may have been breaches of Section 191, 192 and 193 of the penal code as it related to defamatory public comments," the Commissioner of Police said.

Mr. Khan urged the public, who may have concerns about the performance or integrity of the police, to come forward and provide details so that the matter can be substantiated or dismissed.