If ever there was a time that the community could feel proud of their police and their city, it was today.

More than 300 Solomon Islands Police Officers and about 200 Participating Police Force Officers joined the community and took to the streets to clean up accumulated rubbish.

Police armed with rubber gloves, plastic bags, bush knives and brooms turned out to thoroughly clean the roads between White River and the Lungga River. The police received massive support from RAMSI and the PPF both in manpower and logistics.

A major planning operation has been underway by SIPF and PPF since the clean up day was announced some months ago. Plans included staffing, allocation of areas to various police groups, rubbish collection and disposal right down to water delivery to groups.

Commissioner of Police Mohammed Jahir Khan said the huge turn out by police is an indication that they have developed a strong sense of pride in the community and the city they protect.

"It was excellent to see the number of police that joined the clean up today. I congratulate the officers for their efforts, particularly since most of them have been working long hours to ensure the success of the open days. The large amount of community and school groups that took part are also congratulated for a magnificent effort.

"This is a fine example of police and community working together to achieve a common goal. I urge all residents of Honiara to keep the city clean now that the hard work is done. It would be a terrible shame to see rubbish build up again after all this hard work" Commissioner Khan said.

The amount of rubbish taken away has not been estimated but it will certainly be in the tonnes.