The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is urging residents of Honiara City and other parts of the country to take a leading role in ensuring their families and people act responsibly.

RSIPF Deputy Commissioner Operations Juanita Matanga said the RSIPF is working hard to support the MHMS in trying to contain the spread of the virus.

However, she adds the RSIPF continues to receive complaints about the behaviour of certain people that can cause harm to others.

“I want to warn those who are planning to take advantage of the situation that the COVID 19 Police Operation is continuing visibility patrols throughout Honiara City and we will not tolerate anyone that is planning to commit any crime.

"Alot of resources are focused on protecting Honiara City from the spread of the virus. At this time of crisis living a healthy and a peaceful life is paramount. The importance of living in a peaceful manner is to avoid difficulties in responding to whatever situation,” Matanga adds.

“It is important to live in harmony because when there is a death, the gatherings and paying respects as is normal in or culture and traditions will be restricted.

"This is why it is important people must work together with RSIPF during this time of crisis. It is time we take things seriously, as cases continue to increase every day. This virus did not choose people."

The Deputy Policr Commissioner says it is important to join hands to support the MHMS to fight this situation so that we can quickly go back to normal.

"If we continue to ignore the measures put in place by the MHMS then we will continue to face the consequences of our own actions.

“I want to call on all residents of Honiara and all provinces to work together with the government authorities addressing the issue of the virus so we can get through this unfortunate situation as a united law abiding country,” Matanga emphasises.

Source: RSIPF media