Police are urging members of the community supporting candidates contesting the East Honiara by-election to remain calm in the lead up to the announcement of the winner after the general behaviour during the voting was excellent.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Operations, Robert Piringisau, explained that police were pleased with the behaviour of voters in the by-election today.

"Voting proceeded as planned today and there were only a few minor incidents reported to police. The community should be congratulated for voting in such a good manner," he said.

Information provided to police is that vote counting will not be finished until tomorrow (Wednesday 24 September 2008) so no announcement will be made today or tonight.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Piringisau emphasised that although police do not expect any disturbances during the counting period, extra officers will be deployed throughout Honiara.

"From this afternoon more officers will be patrolling the streets of Honiara and this will continue on Wednesday.

"Police are not expecting any trouble but we will have extra officers available to deal with anyone that causes a disturbance," he said.

During the coming days while the votes are counted, police would like to emphasise the following points:

1.SIBC will be broadcasting the result so you can listen on the radio
2.Police will be urging people not to congregate while waiting for the result
3.Drinking alcohol in public is a criminal offence

The increased police presence will continue this week.

Press Release (Police Media Unit)