The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) strongly appeals to the citizens of Honiara to make the right choice by refraining themselves from looting and burning of valuable infrastructures.

“I am very concerned about the current unrest as innocent people have been badly affected by such criminal acts. Obviously we do not want to see any of this happen and we want to make sure that our streets, schools and that our businesses remain open,” Commissioner Mangau emphasises.

Mr Mangau says, “I am respectfully calling on all community leaders to help us spread the message that ‘Enough is enough’.

Those who want to cause harm, damage or destruction in our communities must not be allowed to do so. Let us work together to stop such illegal acts.”

He says, “I am happy to see most communities in west Honiara come out in full strength to support the police to protect western side of Honiara city. Moreover, I would like to thank the Naha community for taking the same approach to protect Naha police station. This is the kind of support we need to render to help each other.”

“I would also like to commend the RSIPF officers throughout the country for continuing to sacrifice their precious time and efforts from their families to deter anti-social behavior in Honiara and the rest of the country to ensure our citizens are safe and secure,” says Commissioner Mangau.

Police will continue to monitor and deploy patrols throughout Honiara City for ensuring there is peace and maintenance of Law and Order by our law-abiding citizens

Source: RSIPF media