On Friday 14 November 2008, the Solomon Islands Police Force, Solomon Islands Prison Service and members of RAMSI will be conducting a training exercise at Rove Prison to improve the team-work of the organisations.

The training exercise will involve role players attending Rove Prison and demanding the release of an inmate.

Director of the Solomon Islands Police Force Emergency Management and Special Event Planning Unit, Sergeant George Paikai, said training is an important part of being prepared in case officers are faced with a real-life situation at Rove Prison.

"This training exercise will assist correction and police officers in understanding their roles if they are ever required to respond to a situation at the prison.

"Training exercises such as this are crucial for the development of officers and for the planning processes of law enforcement agencies," he said.

As part of the training exercise, loud munitions may be deployed and police advise the public not to be alarmed if they hear such noise.

"Loud bangs will be able to be heard by the public while this exercise is being conducted. Please remain calm and do not be alarmed. The devices making the noise will be part of the training exercise," Sergeant Paikai said.

Press Release (Police Media Unit)