Police Officers from Honiara and those from the Provincial Posts who are required to live in during training courses will notice vast changes in future as the Police Academy at Rove undergoes major renovations.

The refurbishment has been fully funded by the Participating Police Force through the Australian Federal Police and on completion will have cost about SBD 3.5 million.

The project aims at three areas of essential Academy infrastructure; Refurbishment of the main Academy building including appearance, structure, modifications to classrooms and existing office accommodation.

The second will be to rectify the water supply to all Academy areas, including accommodation and thirdly attention to painting and plumbing.

The main Academy building will be transformed into a modern learning environment, modern office and administration centre and a conference room.

This aspect of the project will see the re-wiring of the entire electrical system, a new roof, changes to the existing top floor training rooms to allow a more open work area. Louvres will be replaced with full glass windows to enhance the effectiveness of air-conditioning which in turn will see the replacement of all air-conditioners.

Downstairs, a completely new administration area will be built that will separate administration from training operations.

The former Logistics area will be refurbished to incorporate a large conference centre.

Students will have access to a study and resource centre while staff will have their own long awaited locker room for security of personal belongings while they are at work.

The current intermittent or non-existing water supply has for a long time been a concern for Health and Safety. Water has become a major concern due to the high number of students and staff that use the Academy facilities. Currently the water pressure is not sufficient to service the high demand of toilets and wash room facilities.

This will be overcome through the installation of a bore and pump to complement the current service provided by SIWA.

The water will be treated and pumped into 4 x 5,000 litre water storage tanks. Water will then be pumped to the Academy and accommodation blocks for ablutions and washing purposes. A fifth tank will trap water from the roof and provide a constant supply of fresh clean drinking water.

Director Learning and Development Superintendent Gwen Ratu said the extensions and refurbishments will make the Academy a comfortable and healthier learning and working environment.

"We are really looking forward to the completion of the project. The ablutions areas and shower facilities in the accommodation area have really become a problem lately. When the Academy is at full capacity we are looking at 70 students. Currently there are only eight toilets and shower facilities for them. This in itself is a health issue which will be overcome when the new infrastructure is in place.

"I am very happy with the progress and I pass my sincere thanks to the PPF and the Solomon Islands Police for their attention to this very important issue," Superintendent Ratu said.

Work has already started on the refurbishments and is expected to be completed early in the New Year.