Papua New Guinea has topped the medal tally at the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games with 33 gold, 28 silver, and 19 bronze medals.

The majority of the country's medals came from the medal-rich sports of athletics and weightlifting.

Coming in second in the medal tally is Tahiti with 22 gold, 15 silver, and 21 bronze medals.

The Northern Marianas finished third overall, recording its best-ever performance in the Games-Pacific Games or Mini Games-with 16 gold, 13 silver, and nine bronze medals, sitting third on the table.

Solomon Islands finished 9th overall with 5 gold, 18 silver and 6 bronze. Most of Solomon Islands medals came from weightlifting and athletics.

Solomon Islands has set itself an ambitious 40 gold medals target for the upcoming Pacific Games next year. As hosts there will be high expectations from the public, especially with the massive investments in sporting facilities in preparations for the games.

PNG says that its success is due to the investments they have put into their athletics programs. PNG chef de mission Kila Dick said it's a big achievement for their team, with all the hard work paying off.

"Our athletics team goes overseas, and they train overseas. They go to the U.S. and there are scholarship programs there for all of our athletics athletes and that's the reason why they're always on top of their performances."

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