It has been revealed that representatives of the Papua New Guinea Company, RD Cannery, were in the country last week holding discussions with senior government officers.

The team, consisting of five RD representatives, arrived last week and is currently in Honiara holding meetings with government authorities.

This seems to support claims by the Honiara City councilor, Lawrence Makili, last month that government was planning to sell its Soltai shares to RD Cannery.

However, an officer from the Prime Minister's Office, Fred Maetoloa, denied the allegations instead claiming that the visit by the RD Cannery representatives was to discuss the government's tuna policy.

Furthermore, Mr Maetoloa said the government could not sell its shares because it would run contrary to its tuna policy which is to develop and expand the country's industry.

He said what government is looking at now is how to maximize benefits from that industry.

RD Cannery is the maker of Waiyoka Tuna and Diana Tuna.