Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has warned the public and foreigners to respect the country’s quarantine protocols.

Speaking during his nation-wide address this week, the Prime Minister said quarantine stations are restricted areas and no one is allowed to enter nor to have any direct contact with any occupant at any quarantine station.

“Any contact is a breach of the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (No.3) Regulations 2020. As per the quarantine protocols, no item can also passed into or out from quarantine stations without prior approval from relevant authorities,” he said.

The Prime Minister said a breach of quarantine regulations is not only illegal, but also poses health risk to our own children, families, communities and the country at large.

Prime Minister Sogavare issued the warning following the recent incident at one of the quarantine stations.

“It must be made clear that the law will deal with the person of interest and his accomplice after they are released from quarantine,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said all passengers that arrived from the Guangzhou-Honiara flight have undergone their two mandatory tests since their arrival into the country and all their results have returned negative.

However, the Prime Minister said despite the two negative test results, all passengers are still undergoing strict quarantine protocols.

“All passengers will undergo the remaining required testing procedures and must satisfy all requirements before they can be released,” he said.

Prime Minister Sogavare also said additional tests have also been conducted on the person of interest that has breached quarantine protocols.

He said the person is also currently being quarantined and his tests were negative.

“We must cooperate and work together to ensure that our quarantine regulations are respected and fully adhered to in order for the country to remain free from COVID-19,” he said.

Source: OPMC media release