Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and his delegation have taken time to visit the Taro Hospital in Choiseul province.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Madam Sogavare, his Cabinet Ministers and senior government officials.

The Prime Minister and his delegation were taken for a tour around the wards and were briefed by health authorities on the challenges faced by Taro hospital.

They also met with nurses, doctors and a brief presentation was also done to highlight the challenges, successes and proposed plans for the hospital.

Choiseul’s Director for Provincial Health William Timba thanked the Prime Minister and his delegation for visiting the hospital and for listening to their concerns.

Mr Timba said despite the challenges faced; his team have continued to serve the people in the province in providing the health services needed.

“Despite everything, we continue to enjoy our work and to serve our people with dignity. It is our calling,” he said.

He also acknowledged the Government for continuing to support health services in Choiseul province through the health ministry and PGSP.

Prime Minister Sogavare acknowledged the health workers at the hospital and around the country for their commitment and sacrifice in serving the people.

“We will never realise the hardships faced by our people and health workers around the country unless we come out from our comfort zone,” he said.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the challenges faced around the country in the health sector.

Prime Minister Sogavare said the Covid-19 pandemic has also provided new dimensions on the need to improve the health sector in the country.

Meanwhile, Taro Hospital Nurse Manager Florence Maedada also echoed similar sentiments acknowledging Government support despite the challenges faced.

She said Taro Hospital will continue to provide health services for its people and the dedication and commitment by nurses and staff at the hospital is evident through the awards received by the hospital over the years.

“We will continue to serve our people despite the challenges faced,” she said.