The Solomon Islands government has deplored the world's suppression of Taiwan's desire for re-admission to the United Nations.

Speaking at a function to mark Taiwan's 96th National Day anniversary in Honiara last night, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said the Solomon Islands government was flabbergasted by the international community's open contempt to Taiwan's quest for recognition whilst condemning the military upheavals in Burma.

"We expect some consistency in the way the international community deals with this disease. Indeed Solomon Islands deplores the manifestation of hypocrisy by the so-called international advocators of democracy, human rights and freedom."

"Burma is a case in point, whilst I am amazed at the level of international condemnation of the military regime in Burma for suppressing the desires of the people to return their country to democracy, the hypocrisy in that condemnation is right in front of our eyes."

"We have the 23 million people of Taiwan still calling on the international community to support their noble intention for re-admission to the United Nations, however only 24 countries including Solomon Islands responded positively to that call," Mr Sogavare emphasised.

The Prime Minister said Solomon Islands admired the extraordinary feat demonstrated by the peace-loving people of Taiwan in its long-standing fight and assured that Solomon Islands would continue to back Taiwan.

"I want to assure Taiwan that Solomon Islands together with other Taiwanese allies in the pacific region will continue to place this issue before the United Nations General Assembly and its various agencies."

He said Taiwan continued to prove itself as a country standing tall and ready to help other countries in issues of global significance such as efforts to contain the SARS outbreak, the global fight against terrorism and disaster rehabilitation.

Mr Sogavare said this goodwill by Taiwan demonstrated its concern for humanity and capability to play a much greater role in international arena.