Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has expressed concern over the Opposition Group's intimidation of the MP for West Kwara'ae, Sam Idurii and the MP for East Kwaio, Stanley Sofu not to rejoin the government.

Mr Sogavare said a swearing-in ceremony arranged for Mr Idurii and Mr Sofu yesterday had to be cancelled because the Opposition Group held up the two MPs from taking their oaths.

He said Mr Idurii and Mr Sofu who decided to rejoin the government after defecting last weekend.

The Prime Minister said the two had withdrawn their resignation from the government and agreed to take their oaths yesterday to take up new Ministerial portfolios.

Mr Sogavare said the move by the opposition to interfere with the swearing-in of the two MPs was illegal and evil.

He said the Opposition should allow MPs to make decisions at their own will.

The Prime Minister said some of the government MPs who joined the Opposition were misled into defecting and wanted to return.

Both Mr Sofu and Mr Idurii held ministerial portfolios prior to their resignation to join the Opposition Group last weekend.

Mr Sofu was the Minister for Infrastructure Development whilst Mr Idurii was the Minister for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace.