Prime Minister Sogavare has acknowledged the work done by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) as the Government is taking all necessary and proactive measures to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To all our frontline workers in the Ministry of Health and Medical Services throughout the country, and our other frontline workers in other ministries and disciplines in the country, you have the appreciation and thanks from your government and a grateful nation for your role in preventing and in preparing for COVID-19 should it enter our country.”

In his acknowledgement, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the Permanent Secretary, Mrs Pauline McNeil, the Senior Executive of the Ministry, in particular, the team in the National Emergency Operations Centre and other leaders within the National Referral Hospital under the leadership of the Hon. Dickson Mua, MP.

“To you all, let me say this, your are our first and last line of defence. My deepest respect to you”, he said.

“You have been working very hard since day one, with the support of our development partners to prepare for and respond to this unprecedented public health crisis which has impacted across the world.” He said.

Prime Minister Sogavare further expressed his “full confidence” to the Minister of Health and Medical Services, Hon. Dickson Mua and the Permanent Secretary for Health, Mrs Pauline McNeil and her Senior Executive, the National Health Emergency Operational Centre, Senior Doctors, Nurses and all the staff and officers of the Ministry of Health and the National Referral Hospital who are managing the government’s response to this evolving public health emergency.

Source: OPMC