The Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua is expected to deal soon with the fate of the suspended Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Provincial Government Fred Ganate.

Mr. Ganate was suspended by the Prime Minister on half pay after strong protests from provincial premiers against the accidental screening of some pornographic materials during a presentation at the Lata Premiers Conference in September of this year.

Following Mr. Ganate's suspension the Prime Minister set up an investigative committee headed by his Special Secretary John Keniapisia to look into the matter.

Mr. Keniapisia told the Express that his group had finished its investigations and forwarded it to the Secretary to Cabinet Ms Ruth Liloqula and it is understood that the report has already been forwarded to the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Mr. Edmund Andresen, has told the National Express that disciplinary matters in relation to Permanent Secretaries had been delegated to the Secretary to Cabinet.

Mr. Andresen said that permanent secretaries have also been recruited under contracts and their employment terms and conditions are also subject to the terms of their contracts.

He said that due to these reasons the Public Service would not directly deal with Mr. Ganate's case.