Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua has reiterated his government's commitment to provide greater access to clean water supply and sanitation to rural communities in the country.

Dr. Sikua made the statement in parliament yesterday in response to a concern raised by Opposition Leader Manasseh Sogavare on government's action on water and sanitation.

He said the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement (CNURA) Government is still committed to its policy priority area and that is people have proper water supply and sanitation.

"The Government would like to make sure that as many villages in Solomon Islands have access to cleaning drinking water and proper sanitation".

"The Government is working around the clock to make sure the project is implemented," Dr. Sikua explained.

Dr. Sikua further stressed that engineers from the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Division in the Ministry of Health have already conducted assessments in villages around the country.

He said the assessments are important to identify water sources and sites for village sanitation projects to be funded by the government.

Dr. Sikua said with the CNURA government commitment to its Rural Development Policy the government has allocated five million for the project to make sure that people in the rural area have access to good drinking water and proper sanitation.