Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has categorically denied any involvement in the delay of the Western Provincial premier election.

The Prime Minister said it is of no interest to him, and claims to the contrary are totally misleading.

Prime Minister Lilo called on Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua and his cohorts to stop promoting lies targeted at discrediting his Government.

“The Opposition Leader needs to stop misleading the people with unverified claims to try and disrepute the NCRA Government,” he said.

Member of West Honiara and Chairman of Government Caucus Namson Tran has also strongly refuted the claims saying that he has “nothing or even interested in the affairs of Western province politics.”

“Why should I have interest in the Western province politics? This is totally absurd and a blatant lie,” Mr Tran said.

Both Lilo and Tran were accused of influencing the delay of the election of the Western province premier.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Silas Tausinga said the claims by the Opposition Leader are unsubstantiated.

Mr Tausinga said the delay has nothing to do with neither the Prime Minister nor the MP for West Honiara.

“Western province is operating within the legal timeframe which is 30 days after the provincial elections to elect a new premier for the province,” Mr Tausinga said.

“To say the Prime Minister has influenced the delay are rumors that are generated by some opportunists to try and discredit the Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Lilo,” the Minister said.


Press Release: OPMC