The C-NURA government has promised to introduce free education by next year.

Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua made the statement while addressing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals meeting.

Dr Sikua impressed to leaders present in the meeting that Solomon Islands would appreciate a share of an eleven billion US dollar funding earmarked for the education sector worldwide.

Prime Minister Sikua says a number of Solomon Islands development partners have indicated willingness to assist his government offer free primary education in 2009.

Partners include the Republic of China, New Zealand, the European Union, Japan and Australia.

Dr Sikua says the change in policy will exert huge pressure on the country's struggling economy but the government must ensure education to all children moves beyond primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

He also said young Solomon Islanders get pushed off the education system too early because of a shortage in secondary and community-based schools.

He says that while churches have contributed greatly to the education sector, with the establishment of primary and secondary schools, as well as informal and vocational training - students will still drop out of schools in the thousands each year and prematurely.

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