Prime Minister Danny Philip has reaffirmed the country's commitment to the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI.

Speaking during a celebration over the weekend to mark RAMSI's 7th anniversary in the country, Mr. Philip said the occasion is a reminder that RAMSI is a regional initiative and all partners must never loose sight of its regional character.

Prime Minister Philip said it is a reflection of the spirit of cooperation that countries in the region have and Solomon Islands is committed to advance this initiative to new heights in the future.

RAMSI was first deployed to the Solomon Islands in 2003 to assist restore the country after the ethnic crisis.

Meanwhile, the Special Coordinator of RAMSI, Graeme Wilson, has reiterated that RAMSI will be in the country as long as they are welcomed and until the job they came to do have been completed.

Mr. Wilson also said that it is important that RAMSI plans for the day when their job is done.

He said that transitional planning will take place in close consultation with the Solomon Islands Government in the context of the Solomon Islands-RAMSI Partnership Framework.

The RAMSI Special Coordinator said he was looking forward to discussing with the new Government how they can cooperate to make sure that this transition is as smooth as possible.

Mr. Wilson said that the drawing down of RAMSI over the coming years occurs in parallel with capacity development and is done in a way that everyone is comfortable with and that seeks to ensure sustainable outcomes.