Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has started his Ministerial visits only two weeks after his election as Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister started with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Headquarters last week followed by the Rove Correctional Center yesterday.

In a statement during visiting Solomon Islands Correctional Services Prime Minister Lilo said "I decided to visit first these two ministries because they are the backbone of our national security as well as law and order," said Prime Minister Lilo.

"Both of them are vital to our overall socio-economic and political development now and into the future."

During the visitation Prime Minister Lilo stated that the changes that had taken place in the Solomon Islands Correctional Services "demonstrated the tremendous success of the partnership between the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI."

The Prime Minister said since the arrival of RAMSI in July 2003, RAMSI has helped the Solomon Islands Government Strengthen and enhance this particular sector under its law and justice programme and the SIG-RAMSI support facility.

"Through this partnership it has resulted in the establishment of new facilities as well as big improvement to existing facilities in the country," said the Prime Minister.

He added the significance of this partnership was the fundamental shift of focus from a punitive approach during the days of the Solomon Islands Prison Service to rehabilitation one under the new Solomon Islands Correctional Services.

"The progress in this sector was also demonstrated by the fact that Solomon Islands Correctional Services had about 260 staff when RAMSI arrived in 2003 and next year I understand the number of staff would increase to around 420."

Meanwhile Mr Lilo has assured the two institutions that Government would continue to support this important sector for the future safety, security and benefit of the country and its citizens.