Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has met Japan’s Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs on Friday 14th June 2013 in Honiara.

During the high level meeting, Mr Lilo told the visiting Japanese leader that he was honored to receive such a high ranking official since he was the first ever highest Minister from Japan to visit Solomon Islands.

Mr Lilo said the visit was relevant to the Pacific region in view of Japan’s assistance and programs to key developments in the region and more importantly to Solomon Islands.

The Prime Minister also highlighted Japan’s enormous contribution towards major infrastructure development projects in the country which included the Honiara International Airport, Kukum Highway, the Honiara Central Market and the Mataniko two-lane Bridge which were examples of important projects from Japan that are critical for our development.

Japan is also a key partner with Solomon Islands in the Fisheries Sector which has created a sense of connectivity to people all over the country.

Prime Minister Lilo also stressed that Solomon Islands and Japan can engage more in the Mineral Sector when road infrastructures are in place to enable investors to proceed with their mining intents.

Mr Lilo had also welcomed the recently forged partnership with Japan in view of the current draw down and transition of RAMSI.


Press Release, GCU