Prime Minister Danny Philip has deplored the Opposition group's campaign to destabilize his government through continuous misinformation.

This follows accusations by the Opposition group of misuse of money earmarked for rural development under the Taiwanese Rural Constituency Development Programme (RCDF).

Mr Philip refutes and denies what he describes as deliberate misinformation made by Opposition leader, Dr Derek Sikua. The Prime Minister says the allegations are "totally baseless."

Mr Philip however revealed that he had in fact submitted to the Republic of China his constituency projects at the request of his constituents.

Mr Philip says the funds were disbursed by the Ministry of Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs.

"All payments related to the projects were paid directly to the suppliers," said Prime Minister Philip.

He says part of the consignment includes several outboard motors and solar panels which are expected to from Australia next month.

Mr Philip denies giving RCDF funds to benefit any of his former wives, as claimed by Dr Sikua, either directly or through an intermediary.

It is understood that Prime Minister Philip is considering suing both the local newspaper that ran the story and the Opposition leader.